Cheats and Hints


If you want cheats for pokemon diamond/pearl you’ve came to the right place.

If you want a red Gyarados go to lake verity and fish in one spot for about 50 minuts with the good or super rod.

To get Arceus get the azure flute and go to the plate you battle Palkia or Dialga on.The game will say “The azure flute is glowing,want to play it?”Select yes and go up the stairs and through the hall of origon Arceus is at the end.

To obtain manaphy do the special mission “Get back the Egg”in pokemon ranger and transfer the egg.

To get phione breed Manaphy and Ditto.


There are many pokemon that need to have held items and be traded for example:give rydon a protecter(found on route 228)and trade him and you get a rhyperior.

To get dialga or palkia go to Spear Pillar.To get there enter Mount Cornet through route207 near  Oreburgh enter the room on the upper right hand side then go through the hole in the upper left hand side then keep following the path  and you will reach him after a few rooms.You will need a lot of repels,ultraballs or a master ball and strong pokemon because you battle two galactic commanders and cyrus before you reach dialga/palkia.

(NOTE:All cheats and hints on this page have been verefied.)


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